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Cecktor Limited is an independent marketing, content and production agency.

We have the agility, experience, smarts, and savvy that companies and brands truly want from an agency.

But we’re not just about doing ads. We create original content with some of the most well-known faces in Canada. We can be your production partner, director, photographer, videographer, or casting agent. Basically, we can be what others can’t, or won’t.

Proud member of the Canadian Media Producers’ Association.



Cecktor oversaw all creative and production elements for the 2022 ACTRA Awards in Toronto, recognizing the best acting performances in Canada. Cecktor directed, produced and edited this virtual awards show.

Cecktor was the director and editor of the 2022 Sandi Ross Awards, which honour those in the Canadian film & TV industry committed to diversity on screen. Cecktor shot and edited this new talk-show style show.

In the first full year of the pandemic, Cecktor produced the first ACTRA Awards in Toronto to go virtual. The show honours the best in Canadian performance, and Cecktor was responsible for all aspects of production.

Cecktor oversaw all production elements for the 2021 Sandi Ross Awards, which was a fully virtual production honouring those committed to diversity in Canadian film & TV.

Cecktor directed, produced and edited the 50th anniversary video for the Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario in 2022.

Cecktor directed, produced and edited Filming is Good Business in Ontario!, a video released in late 2022 for FilmOntario which showcases how the film & TV industry helps small business across the province.

Cecktor led all creative production for the Ontario Creates “Ready to Roll” campaign, which provided confidence for the film & TV industry that Ontario was safe to go back to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign featured well known stars including Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and Dalmar Abuzeid.

Cecktor produced this promotional ad for CanCon Session IPA, a special beer brewed in collaboration between ACTRA Toronto and Great Lakes Brewery, starring Farah Merani.

Cecktor led the creation of student-hosted TikTok videos to help lend an authentic voice to recruitment to the University of Windsor.


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